USDC Mixer

As an USDC owner on the ethereum blockchain, your Privacy is in great danger!
Because the blockchain is public, any person or government knowing your wallet's address is able to track your funds in realtime, knowing how much you hold and how do you spend your USDC. Exchange being forced by governments to collect your personal informations (ID, or at least IP address) your wallet is linked to your Real Identity!

This Anonymous and Automatic USDC Mixer will give you back your privacy by Mixing your USDC coins and forward you untraceable USDC coins.

Mix your USDC

Forwarding Address:

Where do you want to receive your Anonymized USDC after the mixing process.

Mixing Delay: 1 hour

Use the slider below to specify your chosen USDC Mixing delay.

* In order to avoid Blockchain Analysis, we would recommend at least 1 hour.


Anonymizing your USDC using our service will only cost you a 2% fees, +USDC transaction's costs.


Because USDC are already mixed on the mixer-side, anonymous USDC are ready even before you start.


You are able to mix a minimum of 100 USDC, with a maximum of 500,000 USDC per transaction.


This USDC Mixer is proud to not comply with KYC regulations, it neither requires nor asks for IDs.

No Logs

This server is 100% logs free and do not collect any data regarding its users, not even your IP address.

No Registration

Users are not required to register or provide any personal information to use this USDC Mixing service.

Truly Untraceable

To ensure your Privacy, every USDC provided by this USDC Mixer are have already been mixed prior to receiving your USDC on a new dedicated wallet. For this reason, you are surce not to receive any of your previous USDC coins, and it makes it truly impossible to link your old USDC with the new ones you will receive.